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Heard it. Liked it. Added a verse. www.chris-classic.com


whos this? came last
and got enough currensy to ski on yall beatz dame dash.
its been a minute,
intermittently independent of whoevers spinnin i won the pendant with different women.
reminiscent of crush linen in 96, when shawn corey carter was still in the city sinnin.
be the best but niggaz was missin the H & I so Hi muthafucka its I.
who got the balls who got the gall
to come on a track, after yall & smack em all? cmon
its GOOD Fridays by Mondays ur borin
so i be First Class to London, Lauren...
Hill ha chill for real he so bold.
lightskin but he aint Drake or J Cole
ima Child rebel soldier, this guerilla warfare
the mayor of ur girls pussy on foursquare.


released October 10, 2010
Produced by Kanye West




Chris Classic New York

Chris Classic, recording artist, executive producer and senior writer in New York City. He has written, recorded and licensed countless titles for Film, Television and Advertising. Received his start from hip hop pioneers Run DMC in 1999. Connected with film music mogul Ali Dee Theodore in 2002 to become an expert in creating custom music for Hollywood. ... more

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